The collage is a reflection on my personal journeys.

My intention was to illustrate different memories from my country of origin (Argentina) and the other two cities I have been living in: Madrid and Sydney.

The concept behind Journeys is migration, and how a place of living can influence and contribute to people in a certain way.

It was given a messy look on purpose, as a comparison with the feeling of being abroad and wondering sometimes where home is.

Is home the place were one was born, the place where one lives, or a virtual space full of combined memories of all these different locations?

The trip starts on the left with Argentina, continues in the middle with Spain and finishes on the right with Australia.

I wanted to follow this path as most of us (in the Western culture) view the page from left to right, and because this was the chronological order of the trips too.

I chose to use colour pictures for my favourite memories and images.

All the elements in the collage played an important role in being the person I am today, so I wanted to gather them in an artwork piece.

The letters suggest the viewers follow a trail and stop at diverse points of the journey. The purpose is to create a reflection about the idea of migration.

I found the inspiration for this concept in my personal life and experience.

Some important characters (writers, artists) of my culture of origin and the new adopted cultures were portrayed.

There are also some sad situations like a war, political and economical crisis in Argentina; the terrorist attack of 11 March 2004 on the Madrid trains, that had an impact on me, so I wanted them to be a part of the piece.

I enjoyed looking for memories in boxes and photo albums.

Some of the images are scans of postcards, public transport tickets, boarding pass, IDs, passport and pictures I have taken.

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