Blogs don’t bite

It’s Monday night in rainy Sydney, a perfect time to listen to Nick Cave and talk about blogs.

I was asked –as probably many of you that have experienced this strange status of being a blogger- Why? What’s the purpose of having a blog? At first I couldn’t answer straightaway, but I started thinking about it and I’d say it’s an experiment, and a journey full of risks and surprises.

What would life be without surprise?

For a start, I chose to write in English (my second language) as I happen to be living in an English speaking country, but all of the comments I received were in Spanish…

English speakers… where are you? Please visit my blog!

The second surprise was receiving so many responses to my personal email address instead of comments on the blog itself. So I asked myself: Why? Why do people prefer to remain unpublished…?

A friend of mine suggested: It’s like having a personal conversation in a coffee shop as opposed to public speaking.

Maybe we are afraid of being exposed to the blogosphere, and its many risks.

But you know what? There are also rewards for every risk that is taken. Woody Allen said once: We are the sum total of our choices.


Blogs open doors to new experiences and ways of communication. I’ll leave you with a couple of articles other people wrote in answer to this same question.

Do not fear the blog; embrace it. You’ll be glad you did. Rebecca Anne Goetz in her article

Another interesting survey about blogging here:

2 thoughts on “Blogs don’t bite

  1. Impresionante el Blog !!!

    Aca estoy desayunando en Alice Springs, en el bar del hotel, con wireless, mi cafe con leche y mis english muffins con manteca (a falta de medialunas y minioncitos), leyendo clarin, ole, y los mails… si esto no es globalizacion….

    Muy buen post!!!

    Somos una raza aparte… los que han emigrado solo entenderan…


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