40 degrees in buenos aires

Yesterday the city was hot as hell: 40 degrees and we decided to go out anyway.

My skin is starting to look like I am in the Caribbean.

I’m feeling better and although I suffered from insomnia the first night, yesterday I could start reconnecting with my city (mi Buenos Aires querido).

I started the morning having breakfast at 7 am (we are damned tourists!) at Plaza Dorrego bar in my favourite suburb: San Telmo.

San Telmo is a beautiful place, full of antique shops, old fashioned cafes and tango.

By midday we met some friends in Palermo for lunch. Palermo is a trendy suburb: all about fashion and cool places. I needed this to switch my mood.


Argentina appeared to me as a third world country when I first arrived. The cultural differences are shocking and although I was born here and lived for 27 years, I got accostumed to a new way of life in Spain and in Sydney later.

So when you first get here as a local but being a tourist, you see all the differences.

You see the kids begging for a coin everywhere, you hear people whinging about all possible topics, the streets are dirty, dogs’ poo in the same place you walk… You just want to get out of here and go back home (if it’s clear where home is).

But then after a couple of days it was possible for me to start looking at the city with different eyes, and re discovering my old favourite places.

We traveled in public transport yesterday: the 39 bus to Palermo. Public transport is always an adventure. 40 degrees and no air conditioning. In fact, air cond doesn’t exist in buses.

The heat was impossible: many water bottles and 3 showers were not enough.

To change the subject, here’s a picture of my niece Giuliana.


I traveled here to meet her when she was born, almost 2 years ago. And now she’s all grown up and she’s the cutest little person. This afternoon she’s coming to visit us in the apartment.

And to end this story, here’s a funny picture I found on a nearby street. The word “pelotudos” means something as “stupid bastards” and in this case is the promo for a book.


It’s 8 am now (I slept 6 hours yesterday!) and Rod came back from his early walking (I didn’t have the energy at 7 am) and he brought some “medialunas” which are like small croissants, very popular here. A good way to start the morning!


The weather forecast announced 34 degrees for today. This is quite cooler!

Hope you are fine and I’ll keep you posted with more news from the hell city.

3 thoughts on “40 degrees in buenos aires

  1. Hola Lau – che que divina tu sobrina ! Me alegro que el initial shock disminuyo un poco..y mira que se pasan rapido las semanas cuando estas de vacaciones..keep enjoying it 🙂
    Un beso


  2. Que buenas fotosssss !!!
    Sobre todo la de las medialunassss (todo bien con tu sobrina, pero son las 9am y me mato el desayuno porteño…)



  3. si, ya me estoy re adaptando a bs as.
    sobre todo porque ayer fuimos a El desnivel a comer parrillita… y tambien Freddo abrio una sucursal en San Telmo!


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