La Boca


The other day we went for a walk in the beautiful barrio of La Boca.

La Boca is one of the most colourful suburbs of Buenos Aires.
In the old days (late 1800) it used to be the city port, and the main place where European immigrants settled, hoping to start a new life away from home.


La Boca has a great Italian influence, as most of the migrants that came here were from Genova (Genoa). The houses were (and some of them still are) painted with different colours, which give the suburb a unique personality.

It is said that the people painted the houses with the rest of painting they have from their ships. The painting was expensive and they could not afford to paint in one colour.


This is “La Bombonera”, Boca Juniors football stadium. Maradona used to play for Boca.
Yellow and blue are “Boca” colours, and it’s common to see flags and shirts everywhere.
People are passionate about football here, and you don’t want to mess with these fans.


“Caminito” is the main attraction of La Boca. It’s a small street named after a famous tango, where the artists sell their stuff, and you can always listen to some live music in any corner.

A famous Argentine painter was born in this barrio. His name is Benito Quinquela Martin, and he made fabulous portraits of La Boca and the port’s workers.

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