Life goes on

The 2014 World Cup came to an end.
Argentina got the 2nd place in a very good match against Germany, but not good enough to win the cup.

It doesn’t matter. Life goes on. We dreamed, we felt alive, we shouted in front of the TV, we gathered with friends, we wore our blue and white t-shirts with pride.
It’s funny how people reacted so differently to the result of the World Cup final. Some people were really angry with the team, with the referee, with the winners, with the world in general.
Others were grateful for the effort that our team put into it, they left everything in the field, they played with their hearts and their souls.
Other people celebrated as if we had won! They went out to the streets to sing, shout and expressed their happiness.

For me and some others, it was OK to lose. Yes, it would have been great to win, but it doesn’t matter that much, because the purpose was fulfilled and we’ll have another chance. Sometimes it’s better to let go.

open road
And who knows why I decided to write this post in English… sometimes ideas come in a specific language… and I have to express them as they come.

It’s good to be back! I hope to be back more often… not to wait another year to find inspiration to write. Inspiration can be anywhere, even around the corner.

Thank you for reading. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I do like writing.
Hope to be in touch with you soon!

Another day, another road, another dream…!

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