I’d like to think that I’m currently undertaking a healing process. That I have to put all my knowledge and my resources into work and make an effort to not to be the guy to whom always rains on top of him.

Rain or sunshine
Rain or sunshine

Many years ago, I created a piece of artwork (Rain or sunshine) with two persons. For one of them, the sun was shining. For the other one, it was cloudy and rainy on top of his head. The same day, different attitude. I want to be the person that shines on, together with the clarity of the day, the person that becomes bright in spite of the difficulties.

I’ve discovered that writing helps to heal, and also helps to reach out to people. I’m overwhelmed at the amount of people that read my story and told me a little bit of theirs. We’re all human beings and we can relate to each other.

I need to take small steps, day by day, one at a time… facing a new challenge, having dreams ready to be dreamed, waking up every morning to a new day and being thankful of just being alive.

We take too many things for granted and we can only realised of the value of things once we’ve lost them. Health is a precious gift, we need to care for ourselves.

Thank you for being part of my journey, to listen on the other side of the road, to just be there in the present moment. That’s all we need: others. Nice to meet you all, you’re great people.

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