My inspirational box

inspirational box
inspirational box

When I was in hospital, we had Art Therapy once a week and we could create our own projects. I transformed a nappy box into my inspirational box.

This is a box to put everything that I love, a collection of objects, postcards, letters from friends, music, gifts etc. The idea behind it is to have like a Pandora’s box for those days that I’m not feeling good. In any bad day, I can reach for my box and it will be full of happy moments that will lift my mood.

Art therapy is a powerful tool for recovery. I used to love every class. We were given a task either to explore our feelings on the day, or to distract ourselves from our minds and do something silly.

Recycling is important to me, so my aim was to recycle materials and convert them into new objects. I created a pot from a formula tin, and some pencils containers out of used coffee cups. There’s something magic in the process of making art. The brain switches to a different mood and healing happens.

Do you have any art projects as part of your recovery journey? Writing is definitely one! It will be nice if you want to share them with me. We can find different strategies to help each other.

inspirational boxinspirational box

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