Becoming Mindful of Depression

A beautiful take on depression from fellow blog “The wasted love song”

The Wasted Love Song

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know I often write about depression and mental health, whether through non-fiction, confessional pieces (rare), or fictional stories highlighting the absurdity of life and the fragility of mind (common); I feel it is important to discuss such issues, and in doing so, I hope to make sense of them some day, and in turn understand my life — this is one of the rarer confessional pieces.

Depression sucks. It really fucking sucks. It slams you to the floor and kicks you around until you plead for more. Twenty years ago, I spent a few months in hospital recovering after it pushed me over the brink — I have been struggling with it ever since. I was startled to see so many people in a similar condition — some worse. Figures suggest that one in four people have experienced mental illness. In a normal, fully occupied family saloon, that means…

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