Mission Accomplished: My last day of the Ration Challenge!


Ration Challenge last day finally arrived! A great initiative from Act for Peace.

This past week I have been eating the exact same food rations as a Syrian refugee. I have battled cravings and have reached my final day of the challenge. It was really tough. I was bored to death with rice for every single meal of the day. I had some sardines, one onion for the whole week, flat breads that I made, red beans, a tiny bit of lentils and chick peas, but all mixed with rice.

My brain hasn’t been functioning properly. I had blurry vision by the end of the day. Insomnia and nightmares by night, and an overall sense of tiredness.

One night at 3am, I was browsing blogs in bed and I came across a beautiful post by Ashlee G. It’s called Becoming the Change. Truly inspirational reading, and she reminded us of this great quote:
“You must be the change you want to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

The Ration Challenge has given me an incredible appreciation for how lucky we are.

I’ll be thinking about all of the refugees around the world who, come tomorrow, will have no choice but continue to survive on rations. Unlike us, they can’t just return home to the people they love and eat what they want.

Thank you so much to my generous donors – every single dollar makes a huge difference to the lives of refugees and is helping to provide food rations, healthcare and education. Together, with more than 14,000 other people, we raised $2,975,796. Enough to feed 10,333 refugees for a year. And this number keeps growing! Visit Act for Peace page for more updated figures.

Thanks for being part of this amazing journey. There’s still time to donate if you haven’t done it yet! Visit my fundraising page.


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