Plastic Free July challenge


Could you choose to refuse single-use plastic for the month of July? Plastic Free July is an award-winning campaign developed to encourage individuals, organisations, businesses and communities to reduce the single-use plastic they use in July. As well as the 31 day Plastic Free July challenge (although if that sounds too hard, you can choose to accept the challenge for a week or even just a day), the campaign works to create conversations and provide education around the issues of plastic pollution and more importantly, promote the solutions.

The Plastic Free July challenge began in Cottesloe, Western Australia in 2011 with less than 40 participants. From its humble beginnings, the challenge has grown into a state-wide, national and now international campaign which in 2016 had more than 1 million people worldwide accepting the challenge.

Whether you choose to refuse a handful of items for a single day, choose to refuse all plastic for the entire month, or anything in between, the Plastic Free July challenge is all about taking positive action and being part of a movement creating lasting change.

Did you know that take away coffee cups are not recyclable? Three billion coffee cups are sold each year in Australia that end up in landfill and escaping into our rivers, parks and marine systems. Coffee lovers: Get a reusable cup!

Choose a Responsible Café to buy your coffee. You save money and reduce waste! If you do take away, don’t take a lid. It lasts a few minutes in your hand and a lifetime in landfill.

Plastic free shopping 1st attempt wasn’t too hard: Take away coffee on Keep cup. Nuts, pasta and flakes from the bulk foods shop. Fruit and veggies: easy with green bags or paper bags. Salmon: I asked the fish shop lady for no plastic, if she could please put the fish on paper. She said: but I have to weight it, and don’t want the scale to get dirty.
Ok, but after that, please wrap it in paper for me. She did, but she then put it in a plastic bag! (WTF?) I said (again) NO PLASTIC BAG please… And she finally got it!


Join me on the Plastic Free July challenge! Choose to refuse single-use plastic. Be part of a world-wide movement. Be part of the solution.

There’s also a great three-part series on ABC, War on Waste for more inspiration.


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