Soy Candombera


Que difícil es hablar sobre lo que uno es, cuando he pasado media vida tratando de responderme algo en relación a la identidad. Y saben qué? Todavía sigo buscando.

De Buenos Aires a Sydney pasando por Madrid… espero que disfruten de los relatos que no son otra cosa que pequeños senderos del gran viaje que es la vida misma.


2 thoughts on “Soy Candombera

  1. Hola Candombera —

    Last week I was walking down calle Balcarce in San Telmo, and saw a slogan painted on the wall — CANDOMBERO HASTA LA MUERTE.

    I thought it was a reference to candombe dancing. After returning to New York, I decided to Google the phrase. It seems to be used as a slogan by supporters of the football club in San Telmo. Is that the main connotation it has in Buenos Aires — to indicate support for the football team? Google also led me to your blog.

    Anyway, the most passionate dancers I know would certainly share that sentiment — DANCE TO THE DEATH.


  2. Hi Michael,

    The San Telmo soccer team called themselves “candomberos” as a knickname, as it was in San Telmo where african slaves used to live in the XIX century.
    Candombe is in fact an Uruguayan musical style with African roots.

    And yes, we argies are madly passionate about soccer so it doesn’t surprise me what they wrote on the wall.

    I’m a bit jealous that you’ve been in my favourite barrio. I’m missing it a lot!


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