This is probably the most difficult topic ever. I’ve been postponing it as long as I could, as I don’t know even where to start. I am a new parent and it’s a daunting experience. It’s hard to talk about it, when everything is expected to be happiness and joy, specially after having difficulties conceiving… Read More Parenting


I’d like to think that I’m currently undertaking a healing process. That I have to put all my knowledge and my resources into work and make an effort to not to be the guy to whom always rains on top of him. Many years ago, I created a piece of artwork (Rain or sunshine) with… Read More Healing

Diagnosis: post-partum psychosis (Memories from my days in hospital)

It all started less than two months ago. I ended up in hospital, after two days as an in-patient. They said it: post-partum psychosis. How on Earth do you carry on with your normal everyday life when you’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness? I thought about starting a conversation about this. Not too sure… Read More Diagnosis: post-partum psychosis (Memories from my days in hospital)